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United Arab Emirates Cruises

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United Arab Emirates Cruises

Discover the Enchanting United Arab Emirates by Cruise

Cruise Offers for United Arab Emirates

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United Arab Emirates Cruises
There’s more to cruising to Dubai than record-breaking buildings and epic construction projects. There are also many traditional souks to explore; the most famous of which is the Gold Souk in Dubai’s bustling commercial district. Here, more than 300 retailers sell jewellery, gems, and precious metals. Just a short drive from Dubai is the city of Amjan. Here, you can explore the Amjan Museum, a fascinating museum housed in an 18th-century fort. If you prefer more active pastimes, a 4x4 ride across the desert’s golden dunes might suit.
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Harbours for United Arab Emirates

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai Cruises
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi Cruises
Sir Bani Yas Island, United Arab Emirates
Sir Bani Yas Island, United Arab Emirates
Sir Bani Yas Island Cruises
Khor Fakkan, Al Fujairah, United Arab Emirates
Khor Fakkan, Al Fujairah, United Arab Emirates
Khor Fakkan Cruises
Fujairah, United Arab Emirates
Fujairah, United Arab Emirates
Al Fujairah Cruises

Travel Tips for United Arab Emirates

Embark on a journey through the heart of luxury and culture as you set sail for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) aboard one of our exclusive cruises. This stunning destination promises a blend of ancient traditions, futuristic cities, and pristine coastlines that are best explored from the comfort of a cruise ship.

Cities and Harbours to Explore

During your cruise to the UAE, you’ll have the opportunity to visit some of the most iconic cities and harbours in the region:

  • Dubai – Marvel at the towering skyscrapers, visit the bustling souks, and enjoy the pristine beaches.
  • Abu Dhabi – Discover the opulent Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, experience the cultural heritage, and indulge in luxury shopping.
  • Fujairah – Explore historical forts, dive into vibrant coral reefs, and unwind on secluded beaches.

Top Cruise Companies and Ships

Experience unparalleled luxury and comfort with cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean, MSC Cruises, and Norwegian Cruise Line, offering state-of-the-art ships designed for your utmost pleasure.

Unique Activities to Experience

While in the UAE, don’t miss out on these unique activities:

  • Desert Safari – Experience the thrill of dune bashing and witness a mesmerising desert sunset.
  • Burj Khalifa – Visit the world’s tallest building for breathtaking views of Dubai from the observation decks.
  • Dhow Cruise – Sail on a traditional wooden dhow along Dubai Creek or Abu Dhabi’s coastline, enjoying dinner and entertainment.

Getting Around and Tourist Tips

Navigating the UAE is made easy with modern transport infrastructure including taxis, metro systems, and organized tours. Avoid tourist traps by opting for reputable tour operators and researching local customs and etiquette.

Cost of Living and Shopping

While the UAE offers luxury experiences, it’s also possible to find affordable dining options and local markets for unique souvenirs. Prices for food, drinks, and typical tourist items can vary, so budget accordingly for an enjoyable experience.

Fun Facts and Good to Know

Did you know that the UAE is home to the world’s largest indoor theme park? Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi boasts thrilling rides and attractions for all ages. Additionally, the UAE is known for its year-round sunshine, making it a perfect destination at any time of year.

Prepare to be amazed by the beauty and culture of the UAE on a cruise adventure like no other. Book your journey today and embark on a voyage that combines luxury, relaxation, and unforgettable experiences.

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