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Yangtze River

Home to thousands of years of history and spectacular natural beauty, the Yangtze river offers a cruising experience like no other. At 6380 km, this is Asia’s longest river and promises a multitude of delights as you sail in luxury along its banks.

Referred to as ‘the Golden River’, the Yangtze is China’s lifeline and flows through a wide array of ecosystems. Nature lovers can watch for river dolphins and finless porpoises as they make their way down its majestic banks. Home to the dramatic Three Gorges, few sights of natural beauty have the ability to inspire as much wonder as this. In fact, these lands are as rich in natural wonder as they are in vibrant history and colourful folklore.

A Yangtze cruise will show you something different at every turn, from astonishing natural beauty and ancient wonders of the world to ultra-modernity.



The history, the glamour, the mystique, it’s all here in abundance in the globe’s most heavily populated city. Home to the world’s second tallest tower and a whole host of neck-craning skyscrapers, Shanghai is not just all modern lines and futuristic vistas. It also offers a wealth of cultural history beneath the surface. Pay the Jade Buddha temple a visit for a taste of quintessential China. This popular complex was recently renovated but still holds a wealth of historical wonder. The stunning Buddha, which is crafted from pure Jade, gives this place its name and identity. Tiánzǐfáng is an entertainment complex housed within a warren of tiny traditional alleyways and is well worth a visit if you’re looking to pick up some traditional souvenirs.


Beijing is the perfect place for an adventure. This pulsating capital city contains a fascinating mix of imperial history, breathtakingly tall high-rise buildings and leafy parkland. The Great Wall (which is not, contrary to popular belief, visible from space, but impressive nonetheless) was built in the 7th Century to protect China from marauding attackers, and the scenic Juyong Pass, just outside the city, will take your breath away.

There are almost too many sights to mention when traversing this magical land by waterway; think classical silk cities, giant pandas and eye-popping terracotta armies. The only way to truly experience the beauty of this majestic river is to take a trip and see it for yourself.

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