Viking River Cruises

Setting the standard for river and ocean cruising; Viking Cruises do things differently. Enjoy river cruising on award-winning Viking longships and explore the cities and landscapes of Europe, Russia and Asia. Discover exciting new ocean cruises across Scandinavia and the Baltic, the Mediterranean, North America and the Caribbean on the stunning Viking StarViking Sea and Viking Sky. Different ways of seeing the world with the same high standard of service and quality on board.

The award winning luxury cruise line

Viking is the world’s leading river cruise line. Inspiring destinations, award-winning ships, spacious, comfortable staterooms and unrivalled food and service are all reasons why they are consistently voted number one by travel agents, respected media, and consumers.

With the launch of Viking Ocean Cruises, cruise lovers can expect a similar destination-focused experience and relaxed, intimate ambience at sea. Every stateroom boasts its own private veranda. There’s a choice of fabulous dining venues (with more al fresco options than other ships), a Nordic-style spa and the first glass-walled infinity pool at sea. Best of all, every Viking journey – whether river or ocean – offers remarkable value for money, with so much included in the price. From excursions to mouth-watering meals on board, and specially-selected wines and beers with lunch and dinner, Viking has got you covered.

Viking River Cruise Ships

Operating a fleet of more than 60 smaller, state-of-the-art vessels, Viking are truly river cruise specialists. With itineraries across Europe, Asia, Russia and Ukraine, Viking river cruise ships offer the opportnity to explore some of the most interesting and diverse parts of the world in the highest level comfort and style.

  • Viking Aegir
  • Viking Alruna
  • Viking Alsvin
  • Viking Atla
  • Viking Baldur
  • Viking Bragi
  • Viking Buri
  • Viking Delling
  • Viking Egil
  • Viking Einar
  • Viking Eir
  • Viking Embla
  • Viking Fjorgyn
  • Viking Forseti
  • Viking Gefjon
  • Viking Gersemi
  • Viking Gullveig
  • Viking Heimdal
  • Viking Herja
  • Viking Hermod
  • Viking Hervor
  • Viking Hild
  • Viking Hlin
  • Viking Idi
  • Viking Idun
  • Viking Ingvi
  • Viking Jarl
  • Viking Kadlin
  • Viking Kara
  • Viking Kvasir
  • Viking Lif
  • Viking Lofn
  • Viking Magni
  • Viking Mani
  • Viking Mimir
  • Viking Njord
  • Viking Odin
  • Viking Rinda
  • Viking Rolf
  • Viking Sigrun
  • Viking Sigyn
  • Viking Skadi
  • Viking Skirnir
  • Viking Tialfi
  • Viking Tir
  • Viking Tor
  • Viking Ullur
  • Viking Vali
  • Viking Var
  • Viking Ve
  • Viking Vidar
  • Viking Vilhjalm
  • Viking Vili
  • Viking Modi

Viking Ocean Cruise Ships

Viking's Ocean Cruise fleet offers the same luxury and elegance that cruisers have come to expect from the company. Carrying just 930 guests, Viking's ocean ships are able to sail right into the heart of their destinations – enabling you to become completely immersed in local cultures.

Viking Cruises Video

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