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Whatever river you’re looking to explore, discover your next adventure right here. Cruise1st’s range of river cruise deals has everything from the old-world charm of Europe and its stunning scenery to the immersive, colourful culture of Southeast Asia. With many itineraries including flights, transfers, meals and selected excursions, our river cruise holidays are a fantastic opportunity to see parts of the world at a pace that’s chilled out and serene, in a way that suits you.

A Selection of Our River Cruise Packages

River Cruising

If your favourite part of any cruise holiday is lounging on the top deck, drink in hand, watching things pass by without a care, then you’ll love the serene bliss that a river cruise offers. Intimate and easy-going, you’ll pass through some of the world’s most iconic rivers, experiencing its tranquil waterways and stunning views as towns, hills, vineyards and lands unfold before you.

River cruising is a slower-paced and often more refined experience that is a world away from ocean cruises. This is a great opportunity to delve into the heart of some of the world’s most amazing regions, cultures and civilizations whilst navigating the great waterways of the planet.

If you’re keen to explore the history and heritage of Europe, there’s no finer way to do so than on a river cruise. Many of Europe’s great waterways have served as the spine and lifeblood of the continent, and great civilizations and capital cities have emerged from their banks. So hop on board a river cruise and get straight to the heart of the action by enjoying the almost daily shore visits and exclusive excursions.

River cruise ships, like luxury cruises, often boast high crew numbers in comparison to the guests on board. This guarantees a personal, friendly and attentive service that will help you make the very most of your time away. From special dinner services to bespoke entertainment packages, you’ll be given the best platform from which to explore the beautiful waterways of the world.

The World's Most Beautiful Regions & Rivers

Guests have the opportunity to explore some of the oldest historical cities and locations across the globe once in port, too. Dive into the world of winemaking on the Douro or travel back to a forgotten world along the Rhine, where medieval towns line its banks like something from a fairy tale.

Elsewhere, the Yangtze river gives you the chance to see Beijing and Shanghai up close in all its technological splendour, a technicolour tapestry of sights and sounds that delights all who journey through it. Along the River Volga, a winding 2,175 mile stretch that weaves through the heart of Russia, you’ll experience the mystery of a country still shrouded in intrigue.

We have offerings from the finest river cruise companies out there, including Emerald Waterways, Scenic, Riviera Travel and more. Take a look at our selection below, and be sure to get in touch once you decide where you'll like to explore.

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