Scenic River Cruises



At Scenic, the difference lies in the detail. You will find that Scenic exceed your expectations every step of the way with their all-inclusive philosophy. From the finest on board accomodation to the Scenic Enrich and Freechoice excursions that deliver the most extraordinary experiences. Scenic go above and beyond to provide guests with memories that last a lifetime.

Renowned for five-star service aboard stylish, industry-leading ships; Scenic provide guests with the chance to explore the rivers of the world in absolute luxury. Scenic are dedicated to giving guests the opportunity to get closer to the heart of the regions and cultures they visit – and their selection of European river cruises can take you to some of the continent’s most delightful and awe-inspiring locations.

From the sun-drenched, vineyard-dotted stretches of southern France to the enigmatic capitals of Austria, Hungary and Slovakia, Scenic can provide endless wonder on the rivers of Europe. With 15 ships navigating Europe, from the western reaches of France on the Seine to the wild eastern delights of Russia on the Volga, Scenic makes exploring the best of Europe simpler and more luxurious.

A Selection of Scenic River Cruises


Offering an incredible selection of daily excursions and experiences, courtesy of Scenic Freechoice and Scenic Enrich, the river cruise line goes to great lengths to ensure you experience the very best of Europe.

Whether you fancy exploring the warm climates and beautiful wine regions of Southern France and Portugal or you’re interested in investigating the fairy-tale delights of the Black Forest region – Scenic can take you there.

Some of Europe’s most enigmatic towns and cities are yours to explore. Take to Porto to learn of the formation of Portugal, soak up the romance in Paris, walk the historic Ringstrasse of Vienna or immerse in the museums and galleries of Amsterdam. Scenic can help you enjoy all these cities and more, and all in exceptional luxury.

Suites and Staterooms Onboard

Standard Suite:

These suites are located on the Jewel Deck and have picture windows to ensure you don't miss a thing when on board, and are designed luxuriously but also designed to make you feel at home.

Dimensions: 160ft2

Balcony Suite:

These amazing suites are located on the Sapphire and Diamond Decks, they feature a full-length balcony with access to the exclusive Scenic Sun Lounge and offer a private bathroom.

Dimensions: 205ft2

Royal Balcony:

Located on the Diamond Deck, these luxurious suites with even more space, impeccable service and an outdoor balcony are on offer to you to relax in luxury and watch the world go by in all the amazing ports of call you'll visit.

Dimensions: 315ft2

Royal Panorama Suite:

With even more space, the Royal Panorama Suite is the largest suite on board Scenic, also located on the Diamond Deck, the Royal Panorama Suite offers amazing views of the passing scenery from your private balcony and also access to the Scenic Sun Lounge. Equipped with a lounge area and a luxury bathroom you can relax in style in the Royal Panorama Suite.

Dimensions: 325ft2

Royal Owner's Suite:

Also on the Diamond Deck the Royal Owner's Suite are ultimately luxurious, equipped with a private balcony and bigger in size to other alternative suites, the Royal Owner's Suite offers a variety of thoughtful touches to your holiday with all the inclusions you'll ever need to make your trip on board impeccable.

Dimensions: 47m2/510ft2

Scenic offers more variety of Suites and Staterooms, than the staterooms shown above, on specific ships call to book and find out more.

Stylised as Scenic Spaceships, the members of the Scenic fleet are all delightfully appointed, considerately spacious and manned by the most attentive crew on Europe’s waters. Boasting an array of dining experiences and elegant public spaces to complement the meticulously-designed cabins and suites, the Scenic Spaceships guarantee comfort and satisfaction as you traverse the rivers of Europe. This onboard elegance and sophistication is complemented by industry-leading technologies – providing unparalleled comfort. And thanks to the intimate size of the ships, they’re able to dock in smaller ports – helping you visit the most delightful parts of Europe.