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The Danube - Heart of Europe

The mighty Danube winds through 10 European nations, visiting four amazing capitals and a vast array of cultural highlights along the way. From Germany’s Black Forest to the enigmatic Black Sea, this river is a historic route for trade and travel, with many of Europe’s great civilisations supported by the Danube.

The Danube gave life to some of the most culturally rich and significant cities of Europe, and you can explore these timeless cities as part of a river cruise that takes you along the delightful ebb of the Danube. Whether you’re keen on exploring the eastern reaches of the continent, with stays in Belgrade and Bratislava, or want to experience the majestic beauty of Vienna, the Danube offers an outstanding array of delights.

One of the great benefits of river cruising is the opportunity to arrive right in the middle of the action, and this is never more apparent than on the River Danube. Capital cities, historic towns and beautiful villages have all been built on the banks of the Danube. As your river cruise ship pulls up at these delightful destinations, you will often be within walking distance of the most amazing experiences that your location has to offer.

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Known as the Queen of the Danube, the Hungarian capital is a highlight of any cruise on this iconic waterway. The city is a delight from the second you approach it, with the stately Hungarian Parliament building perched on the banks and reflected in the water.

If you’ve got sufficient time to spend in this city, we’d certainly recommend checking out the natural thermal baths of Budapest. Taking a dip in the hot springs is a rite of passage and part of daily life for the locals. It’s extremely relaxing and there’s no better way to immerse yourself in local life here.


Classical, elegant and magical, Vienna is effortlessly impressive and awe-inspiring. Just take a few hours out of your day to explore the Austrian capital and drink in the amazing architecture of the world-famous Ringstrasse.

The wines are excellent so be sure to sample the wines of the Wachau Valley. This is just outside Vienna and one of the world’s great winemaking regions.


This fairy-tale region will introduce you to the Germany of cuckoo clocks, monk-brewed beers and half-timber house. Bavaria served as inspiration for the Brothers Grimm and continues to inspire to this day.

Whether you’re keen to visit the timeless castles, historic monasteries or fascinating merchant houses of the region, or sample the famous sausage and beer diet, Bavaria will welcome you with open arms.