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Main River

Chocolate-box houses, picture-perfect landscapes and quaint, timber-framed buildings await when you when you take a cruise along Germany’s charming Main River. This magnificent waterway winds its way through Central Germany and flows past wide plains, lush valleys and verdant vineyards.

This stunning landscape offers a slice of medieval life in all its picturesque glory, so expect fairy-tale castles, flower-filled meadows and stunning mountain ranges that appear to spring from nowhere.



Bavaria’s second largest city, Nuremberg is a vibrant, buzzling metropolis, alive with visitors all year round. With its rich, chequered history, there is no shortage of culturally iconic locations to visit here. The Documentation Centre exhibits and examines various historical aspects of Nazi rule, including the rise of the Nazis, the party rallies (it was here that Hitler gave his most infamous speeches), and the Nuremberg trials. You can even stand on the grandstand where Hitler delivered his chilling oratories, which is now controversially used as a venue for music and sporting events.

The enormous 12th Century Kaiserberg castle has plenty to offer for budding historians, as does the glorious St Sebalduskirche church. And once your thirst for history is sated, you can quench a different kind of thirst by drinking one of the area's fantastic dark beers.


This scenic town is well-known for its art and architecture. It's home to the vast UNESCO-listed Wurzburg Residenz, one of Germany’s most beautiful Baroque palaces. This has 360 rooms in total, many of which are used as government facilities and university lecture halls, but the finest 40 rooms are available for the public to admire. Be sure to pay the highly unusual Dom St Killan cathedral a visit too.


A UNESCO World Heritage Site and generally considered to be one of Bavaria’s most picturesque areas, this small town has so many cathedrals that it is playfully referred to as ‘Franconian Rome’. There’s a hearty student population here, so this charming town has plenty of cafes and riverside bars to keep you entertained. You’ll feel like you stepped back in time, thanks to the stunning architecture and almost complete absence of any modern eyesores.

If you like your history with a side order of beautiful architecture, then a cruise along the River Main is sure to be the perfect river cruise for you.

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