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River Moselle

The wide Moselle River twists and turns its way through France, Luxembourg and Germany, and is dotted with seemingly endless vineyards, ruined castles and humble wine towns.

Wending its way through vertiginous vine-covered slopes (including the Bremner Calmont, which at a 65-degree incline holds the title of the steepest vineyard in the world) this intimate river offers stunning views of brightly coloured medieval villages, crumbling hilltop castles, elegant art nouveau villas and ancient wine warehouses.

During springtime, the riverside towns are decorated with pale lilac wisteria that give way to grape vines in later months, so you can be sure that wine connoisseurs will be in their element while visiting “the home of the Riesling”. Except during deep winter, this area offers a multitude of wine festivals that are guaranteed to please even the most discerning of wine connoisseurs.

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Burg Eltz

One of the most romantic Medieval castles in Germany, Burg Eltz has stunning fairy-tale turrets, towers and walkways. Unbelievably, this stone masterpiece has been owned and lovingly cared for by the same family since it was built over 850 years ago. As well as the majesty of the architecture, this castle is home to world-class artworks in gold and silver. Surrounded by the Eltz Forrest, a nature reserve of serene beauty, the trek alone is worth its weight in gold.


Germany’s oldest city, Trier is full of picturesque pedestrianised streets jam-packed with cafes, bars and restaurants (many of which are casually located inside glorious old Gothic or Baroque buildings). The student population give this city a lively, modern vibe that contrasts delightfully with its remarkable history. Home to a fine collection of Roman monuments (which has earned the city a UNESCO World Heritage status in 1986), its architectural treasures include Germany’s oldest Gothic church, Karl Marx’s baroque birthplace and an elaborate thermal spa.

The scenery that lines the Moselle River offers a taste of a bygone Germany. Get ready to experience the chocolate-box villages, antiquated hidden walkways and picturesque market squares, surrounded by stunning unspoilt scenery. The medieval towns are gloriously preserved and the wine, served fresh from the vineyard, can’t be bettered.

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