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River Nile

The world’s longest river flows past 5,000 years of history writ large and a cruise along its waters will evoke those ancient times of all-powerful pharaohs, glittering wealth and ancient power, so get ready to unleash your inner explorer.

This unique excursion combines the relaxing 5-star luxury travel of a river cruise with the most mindblowing ancient history, and offers an experience like no other. Think iconic temples, sandstone tombs and looming pyramids, and that’s just before lunchtime!

If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug and would like to tick off the wonders of the world, you will pass Luxor, Qina, Aswan, Abu Simbel and the Valley of the Kings on a world cruise. The legendary Nile, which flows through no fewer than eleven North African countries, is sure to inspire and delight in equal measure.

A Selection of Nile River Cruise Offers



Just the word ‘Cairo’ conjures up images of dusty, cart-lined streets, ancient monuments and iconic faded grandeur. You’ll get that and so much more. This sprawling city is home to 22-million inhabitants, so expect to have all your senses bombarded. Rest assured, the overwhelming nature of your visit is a small price to pay for the experience of Umm Ad Dunya or the Mother of the World.

Giza Pyramids

The Giza Pyramids, the Great Sphinx, the Valley Temple are so iconic, they almost seem the stuff of folklore, but you can experience these wonders of the world in all their glory on a river cruise along the Nile. The grandeur of the architecture defies words and is worthy of its legendary status. Step back in time to witness the glory of the ancient Egyptian civilisation.


Sometimes, referred to as the world’s finest open-air museum, Luxor is able to showcase ancient style and grandeur on an almost implausible scale. Set against the Nile and the modern city beyond, Luxor will inspire your inner historian and allow you to comprehend the sheer wealth and power of ancient Thebes.

Ancient history is ever-present along the Nile, but spectacular monuments are not the only thing you’ll witness. Small rural dwellings appear as if from nowhere, and the spectacular sunsets reveal a colour palette you didn’t even know existed. A cruise along the Nile is undoubtedly a life-enhancing experience.

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